Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation  Firewall (NGFW) begins with a solid base of protection which includes granular application control, an intrusion prevention system (IPS), built-in virtual private network (VPN), and deep packet inspection,in an efficient, extensible, and highly scalable unified design.

Forcepoint Stonesoft Firewall effectively blocks data breach attacks and provides superior flexibility that keeps pace with your changing security needs.Also,Forcepoint Stonesoft NGFW delivers high scalability and availability and lowers TCO for security and network infrastructure.

Businesses and organizations often face data breaches across industry verticals. Now you can attack them back with application later exfiltration protection.this new solution allows stonesoft NGFW to selectively and automatically block network traffic from PCs,laptops,servers,file shares and other endpoint devices




Forcepoint Stonesoft Firewall 





Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall provides advanced networks protection across your enterprise by integrating application control,sophisticated evasion and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) into a single solution that is cost-effective and easy to deploy.It has the capability to identify advanced evasion techniques that evade other devices and delivers ex filtration protecting using both application and endpoint intelligence.

Block Sophisticated Data Breach Attacks

Application layer exfiltration protects your organization and businesses from data breaches and attacks.this new solution enables forcepoint firewall to selectively and automatically block network traffic originating from PCs, laptops, servers, file shares, and other endpoint devices based on highly granular endpoint contextual data.

Application layer exfiltration protection is the only solution that goes beyond typical next-generation firewalls to prevent attempted exfiltration of sensitive data from endpoints via unauthorized programs, web applications, users, and communications channels.


Superior Flexibility for a changing security needs

In dynamic business environments, the unified software core enables Stonesoft NGFW to easily change security roles from firewall/ VPN to IPS layer 2 firewall.The unified software core also serves to optimize the data plane, providing a significant performance advantage regardless of security role or number of active security features. For even more flexibility, Stonesoft NGFW can be deployed in a wide variety of formats — as a physical appliance,software solution, virtual appliance, or as virtual contexts on a physical appliance.


High Scalability & Availability secures your business-critical applications

For network security solutions Forcepoint Stonesoft NGFW delivers high scalability and availability in three powerful ways:

  • Native active-active clustering: Up to 16 nodes can be clustered together, providing superior performance and resiliency when running demanding security applications,such as deep packet inspection and VPNs.
  • Transparent session failover: Provides industry-leading availability and serviceability of security systems. Stonesoft NGFW even supports transparent failover for multiple software and hardware versions within the same cluster.
  • Multi-Link: Extends high availability coverage to network and VPN connections. Provides the confidence of non-stop security along with high performance for every deployment.


Unmatched Protection Keeps your Business in Business

Attackers are better at penetrating enterprise networks,applications, data centers and endpoints. They can steal intellectual property,customer information, and other sensitive data,causing irreparable damage to businesses and reputations.Some attackers use advanced evasion techniques (AETs) that are able to bypass most of today’s security network devices. AETs deliver malware piecemeal across network layers or protocols using techniques such as masking and obfuscation

Forcepoint Stonesoft NGFW applies layered threat discovery techniques to network traffic, identifying applications and users at a granular level so that security policies can be applied according to business rules. Then it performs specialized deep packet inspection, including advanced techniques such as full stack normalization and horizontal data stream-based inspection. These techniques fully normalize traffic flows, enabling Stonesoft NGFW to expose

AETs and traffic anomalies that evade other next-generation firewalls. Only after traffic has been fully normalized can it be properly inspected across all protocols and layers for threats and malware. And only Stonesoft NGFW has been successfully tested against more than 800 million AETs.