Barracuda Firewalls provide next-generation security and network intelligence for hybrid networks in corporate, remote, and public and private cloud environments. The NextGen firewalls optimize secure Internet breaks and enable the consolidation of the cloud while reducing costs, complexity and management.

Barracuda offers  two firewall series and each has been designed for different environments, all advanced next-generation performance and next-generation protection provide:

  • F-series: The F-Series is the Barracuda Firewall for the cloud era. It consolidates advanced, next-generation firewall, link balancing, and WAN Optimization technologies into one easy-to-manage appliance capable of on-premises, cloud, and virtual deployments. The F-Series allows organizations and managed services providers to securely enable remote Internet breakouts without the need to backhaul traffic.
  • X-Series: The X-Series is designed for small- to mid-market organizations that need to deploy a next-generation firewall to a single or very few locations quickly and easily.



Barracuda Firewall F-Series 

Deployment Options: Physical Appliance | Virtual Appliance | AWS | Azure

Barracuda Firewall X-Series 

Deployment Options: Physical Appliance


 Protect Your Organization from Advanced Malware and Zero-Hour Attacks

Barracuda NextGen Firewall provides advanced security which includes integrated Intrusion Prevention (IPS), URL filtering and antivirus to identify and block any evasion attempts

Barracuda 's Advanced Threat Protection (ATD) cloud provides security for both statistical and sand boxing analysis of zero-day and targeted threats that routinely bypass signature-based IPS and antivirus engines.


Intelligently Manage Your Organization’s Traffic

Barracuda's user and application awareness provides intelligence and visibility to shape business rules in order to manage bandwidth and prioritize network traffic by application.Customization of network access, application usage and bandwidth allocation for specific groups and users is also possible.Traffic to non-business-related applications can be limited, even when this traffic is encrypted. 

Dynamic link balancing balances traffic across multiple internet connections and this ensures business continuity through reliable internet access as well as lets you efficiently utilize bandwidth  available.

Intelligent site-to-site connection management provides high quality , reliable connectivity across multiple locations (both hardware and virtual appliances).


Easily Manage Your Network Growth

Network perimeter intelligence extends across highly diversified environments in most of the modern organizations viz remote sites, branch offices and satellite locations. when the policy enforcement becomes more distributed , centralized managements becomes more important to minimize management over head and maintain a uniform security.

Administrators can easily define global security parameters,configure security and network access policies, control firewall firmware update revisions, and manage user settings. Barracuda has a centralized management system that is fully scalable across thousands of locations through a single pane of glass. 



Problems We Solve

Cloud Readiness

  • Branch to Cloud

Traditional firewalls are mainly designed to be deployed at the gateway in back hauled network environments, whereas, Barracuda firewalls are designed in a way to enable direct access to cloud applications in distributed networks in which quality of service, network reliability, and secure connectivity are required at every single location.

Barracuda firewalls comes with a full security with up link bonding, load balancing and traffic compression capabilities  and cloud access optimization  from every branch office.the fully integrated central management ensures security and compliance at every branch office  and remote office without the need to back haul traffic.


Ransomware & Advanced Persistent Threats

  • Ransomware

Ransomware is a distinct type of cyber attack that extorts payment from the victim in exchange for access to data encrypted in the attack. The most common type of malware used in this kind of crime is crypto-ransomware,which normally encrypts the files on the compromised system and then demands a ransom in return for the ability to decrypt and recover the files.

Cyber criminals usually target all organizations irrespective of the size and do not care whom they target with a ransom ware attack as long as the victim is willing to pay. Ransomware is like most other malware and it comes as a drive-by download or an email attachment. You are safest if you can stop it at this level and unfortunately ransomware makes use of zero-day exploits and is custom made for every infection.

A zero-day exploit takes advantage of vulnerabilities of an operating system or an application that was discovered on the very same day (“Zero day”) or very recently. Thus fixing a vulnerability takes time, which knowledgeable attackers make use of. And so, having AV and IPS in place is still a must, but an organization needs to add another security layer to ensure that such exploits or advanced persistent threats do not cause severe security breaches.

  • Advanced Threat Detection (ATD)

With Advanced Threat Detection,dubious or unknown files are executed in a sandbox environment before forwarding to the user.Barracuda firewall users have access to full reports on every test executed that explains why a file is regarded to be malicious Advanced Threat Detection can easily be deployed across the corporate WAN network.

  •  Advanced Persistent Threats

While Advance threat detection technology prevents users from being attacked in the first place,existing equipment is sometimes already infected or the security mechanisms that are already available may fail to detect the infection . This is usually referred to as an Advanced Persistent Threat, a piece of malware designed not to be detected. Barracuda Firewalls detect these types of infections by monitoring and intercepting DNS traffic to known malicious sites, immediately stopping data ex filtration, and alerting the network administrator.


Continuity Gaps

  • Avoid disruptions due to Internet outages

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls load balance and failover up to 24 Internet access lines to increase WAN performance and boost reliability. With instantaneous fail over and application-based uplink selection, Barracuda NextGen Firewalls provide increased bandwidth while significantly reducing bandwidth expenditure. When connecting multiple locations, our NextGen VPN technology with built-in compression and traffic optimization, provides better virtual bandwidth between two VPN endpoints than physically available.

  • Maintain secure, reliable, and optimized connectivity between all your sites

With Barracuda Firewalls you can create and maintain secure and sturdy connectivity and it is as simple as drag and drop. The high performance VPN connections can even be created automatically on-demand. This ensures that latency is as low as possible and administrators have full real-time visibility into what is going on.

  • Prepare your organization for cloud-based business applications

Barracuda's Firewalls ensure a high quality of service for cloud applications such as office 365,sales force and other productivity applications. By link-balancing traffic,administrators can ensure that business-critical data has priority over non-essential data. Granular visibility into user activity helps administrators create traffic-shaping policies that are appropriate for their organization. 

  • Ensure remote users have access to corporate resources

Barracuda Firewalls offer several options for fast and secure access to corporate resources and provide same high performance VPN tunnels that are used for site-to-site tunnels. The options range from client less SSL VPN for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, to a remote access app for mobile devices running iOS or Android.


Data Loss

  • Protect assets from advanced malware and zero-hour attacks

Threats,data breaches and attacks are constant and your organization could still face zero-hour malware exploits, targeted attacks, and advanced persistent threats.Barracuda Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) is a cloud-based malware analysis environment that uses next-generation sandbox technology powered by full-system emulation to catch not only persistent threats and zero-day exploits, but also advanced malware designed to evade detection.

  • Secure all attack surfaces

In the cloud era, modern networks are highly divided among multiple physical locations as well as public and private clouds making unified security policies across all network locations. Barracuda firewalls are available as hardware  appliances, virtual appliances for all major hyper visors, and public cloud environments, providing the same feature set across all models.

This allows you to use a single, centrally manageable policy everywhere - from local branch offices, to data centers and the cloud. Personal firewall modules of the Barracuda Network Access Client extend security policy coverage even to mobile users’ individual laptops, effectively securing all network attack surfaces.

  • Monitor and regulate what users do on your network

All Barracuda Firewalls inspect network traffic by leveraging advanced fingerprint and deep SSL Inspection to identify applications and content. Based on the results, a flexible set of actions can be defined for connection attempts and traffic using a library of thousands of fingerprinted applications.


 Resource Constraints

  • Simplify IT by managing security policies across all locations from one pane of glass

The scalability of central policy management helps contain costs while improving your security posture. The scalable F-series product line comes with a dedicated multitenant-capable central management server that provides object and policy sharing across hundreds to thousands of next-generation firewalls.

The X-series appliances can easily be integrated into Barracuda Cloud Control along with most other Barracuda products for remote access to all your Barracuda products from a single pane of glass.

  • Reduce line costs by removing expensive MPLS connections

Reliability and quality have long forced you to use pricey MPLS lines as the means to connect your data center to remote locations. Barracuda Firewalls provide increased fault tolerance using the intelligent and adaptive link balancing to provide more bandwidth for less money. Multiple Internet up links can be aggregated or used in an application-selective fashion.

Each link can be used to establish an individual VPN connections with sub-second failover so that outages of up links will not cause any service disruptions. VPN connections between remote locations can be brought up on-the-fly to optimize response times for certain applications like voice calls. (F-Series only).


IoT & Machine-2-Machine connectivity

Companies need to securely and economically connect large numbers of remote devices like automated teller machines (ATMs), point-of-sale kiosks, wind power stations, networked industrial machines, or even very small offices. Managing and protecting network traffic among these remote machines is often a logistical nightmare involving many different firewalls, VPN software, and routing steps.

Barracuda Firewalls are available as ultra-small appliances, the Secure Connector appliance (FSC1), which reliably connect each remote device with multiple uplinks and even an automated failover in case one uplink fails.

The FSC1 provides zone-based firewalling, Wi-Fi, and full VPN connectivity for the connected device. The network traffic is then backhauled to a NextGen Firewall Secure Access Concentrator(FSAC), running at a central office or in the cloud, for inspection and other resource-intensive security tasks such as URL filtering, intrusion prevention (IPS), antivirus protection and application detection.