Barracuda Email Security protects your organization with multi-layer security . it combines several layers of protection for inbound and outbound email to give protection against the most advanced email attacks and email spooling to ensure business continuity.

Barracuda Email Security filters every email before it enters your mail server and gives complete protection against inbound malware, spam,phishing and Denial of Service attacks.It also comes with features like spoof protection, domain name validation and anti-fraud intelligence.

Barracuda Email Security scans email and incoming files using three powerful layers of polymorphic virus scanning technologies.It offers a number of encryption features without requiring complicated key management and fully integrated with a cloud-based email encryption service for outbound email.




Barracuda Email Security 

Deployment Options: SaaS


 Comprehensive and 100% Cloud-Based Email Security and Archiving for all Organizations

Barracuda's Email security essentials protects your organization with comprehensive, scalable and affordable multi-layer security and archiving. Email continues to be target of attackers as it is considered to be a primary communication channel. Email-borne data breaches, data leaks, business disruptions as well as compliance and litigation searches cost money and reputation.

Apart from spam-based attacks, email threats have evolved to highly sophisticated phishing campaigns, targeted zero-hour attacks and data theft aimed at exploiting risky user behavior. A large session of the hacks usually start with a targeted email attack, therefore organizations need to protect their users,data and assets.Barracuda Email Security essentials combine several layers of protection for inbound and outbound email to secure against the most advanced attacks and email spooling ensures business continuity and archiving for organizations in order to meet demanding compliance and preservation requirements.

Inbound Filtering: Stop Email-Borne Threats Before They Hit Your Mail Server

Barracuda Email security essential is integrated with sender spoof protection, domain name validation and anti-fraud intelligence. and filters every email before it attack your mail server to protect against inbound ,malware, spam, phishing and Denial of Service attacks.Powered by Barracuda Central,the global 24x7 threat operations center constantly monitors the internet for new email-borne threats across all attack vectors.

The service is continuously updated with the latest threat definitions intelligence and software updates and that too at zero maintenance cost.The scalable cloud and prioritized filtering technology ensures the best possible level of protection without any significant delays.

Protect against Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats

Barracuda's advanced threat detection goes beyond email filtering to provide comprehensive protection from targeted attacks that may contain malicious links and attachments.Barracuda uses a full system emulation sandbox in order to prevent suspicious URLs and files from reaching your users.

Barracuda Link Protection detects malicious and malformed URLs and redirects them to the sandbox so that users will be protected from potential malware and ransom ware.Available Advanced Threat Detection opens suspicious attachments in our sandbox and detonates them in real-time to protect users from these highly-effective, socially-engineered attacks.

Outbound Email Filtering: Protect Your Critical Data From Escaping Your Business

To stop data leaks from your organization,outbound filtering comes into action to ensure legitimate emails are delivered.At the same time it also blocks outbound spam and viruses which prevent your employees or other infected clients from unknowingly sending malicious email as well as keeping your mail server IP addresses and domains from being listed on spam block lists.

Administrator can also create and enforce content policies in order to prevent sensitive data such as credit card numbers,social security numbers,HIPAA data, customer lists and other private information from being sent.

Secure Your Communication with Email Encryption and Spooling

Barracuda email security essentials secure your mail by encrypting it during the transport to the Barracuda Message center.Data in-motion is secured via Transport Layer Security (TLS), and data at-rest is secured via AES 256-bit encryption.If you are sending a sensitive email, you can manually mark it for encryption. You can also create a policy to automatically encrypt emails based on their sender, content and other criteria.

Encryption policies ensure that your organization complies with regulations designed to protect customer data, such as HIPAA.At the time of any disruption in your mail server,email can be spooled on Barracuda's Cloud Protection Layer for up to 96 hours.

Preserve Emails for Retention and Compliance

Compliance has now become a key requirement for many organizations and the penalties for not meeting up with the business and governmental regulations can be severe.These must be implemented in all areas across the organization in order to demonstrate and ensure that the business is operating in a compliant manner and to minimize ongoing legal risk.

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service takes a policy-based approach to meeting this need, automating and enforcing both the retention and the deletion of email as required.





Advanced Threat Detection

Barracuda's Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) combines behavioral, heuristic, and sand-boxing technologies to protect against zero hour and targeted attacks and it scans email attachments in real-time; suspicious attachments are sent to a sandbox environment in order to observe behavior. Barracuda Real Time system provides protection for all customers.

Anti-Phishing Protection

The Barracuda Email Security essentials combats phishing attempts by combining anti-fraud intelligence, behavioral and heuristic detection, protection against sender spoofing along with domain name validation to detect and block phishing attempts.

Malware Protection

Barracuda Email Security essentials leverages the cloud for dynamic, real time threat analysis, attachment sand boxing and URL protection to prevent malware from affecting email users.

Link Protection

Attackers often use the method to deliver malware which relies on URLs, that contain malicious code, which can be invisibly downloaded and can trigger a much larger attack. Link protection automatically rewrites these URLs so that email security essentials can sandbox the request at click time to block malicious links.

Typo squatting Protection

Modifying the URLs to make it look genuine is a clever trick used by sophisticated attackers.the most common technique used is omitting letters or using convincing “typos” that even users who check URLs before clicking often miss. Barracuda’s Link Protection includes typo squatting detection, which automatically identifies and redirects these URLs to our sandbox at click time to block malicious activity.

Anti-Spam Protection

Barracuda remains in the top-most position in identifying and blocking spam. The broad range of security layers ensure the productivity of organization at the time of threats and attacks.Barracuda email security essentials leverages Barracuda central to identify email from known spammers and determine whether domains embedded in email lead to known spam or malware domains. It leverages many of the same industry-leading  techniques found in Barracuda spam firewall that protect against attempts to embed text inside images with the intent of hiding content from traditional spam filters.

Anti-Virus Protection

Virus attacks are becoming more sophisticated and complex, therefore email infrastructure requires advanced protection. Destruction and release of information or a disruption of a network leads to financial loss.Barracuda email security essential scans email and incoming files using three powerful layers of polymorphic virus scanning technologies.It also decompresses archives for complete protection. Powerful virus definitions are automatically updated to  maintain the most up-to-date protection against email-borne viruses.

Agent less Email Encryption

Barracuda email security essentials offer a number of encryption features without requiring an complicated key management. Integrated with a cloud-based email encryption service for outbound email. Barracuda Message Center uses AES with 256-bit keys to encrypt emails. To encrypt email traffic between sites over the internet,Barracuda email security essentials supports SMTP over TLS.

Outbound Filtering

Employees may unknowingly  cause internal systems to become a source for botnet spam. Outbound filtering prevents organizations from being put on spam block lists and also prevents outbound attacks originating from inside the network.Barracuda email security essentials  outbound filtering stops outbound spam and viruses.

Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention allows administrators to configure policies that will automatically recognize sensitive content. This content can be credit card numbers and social security numbers which are identified by predefined filters. when sensitive information is detected in outbound mail, it can either be blocked or automatically encrypted, again, based on configurable policies.

Email Continuity

The Email Continuity Service ensures that email operations continue by failing over to a cloud-based, email service, in the event primary email services become unavailable. During email server outages, an emergency mailbox allows users to continue sending, receiving, reading, and responding to email.

Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Prevention

Not every attack is focused on sending a virus or getting users to send their credit card number or to click on a malicious link. However, the objective if the attack is focused on disabling a network or mitigating its effectiveness. Barracuda email security essentials is positioned to stop spammers before they hot an email server.

Archiving, Compliance and eDiscovery

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service assists organizations with compliance and eDiscovery requests effectively and easily when used with Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, and other on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments. It offers productivity features, including mobile applications for end users to search and retrieve email at any time from any device. The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service creates a cloud-based indexed archive.

This allows granular retention policies, extensive search, auditing/permissions, legal hold and export, helping to facilitate compliance retention and eDiscovery preservation.  The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service creates an indexed archive to support extensive search, auditing/permissions, legal hold and export, helping facilitate eDiscovery and retention. These easy-to-use search capabilities, ranging from the most basic search by a user for a misplaced email to advanced Boolean search strategies for an auditor during an eDiscovery request.

Barracuda Central

All Barracuda products are supported by Barracuda Central, a 24x7 advanced security operations center that works continuously to monitor and block the latest internet threats. When new threats emerge, Barracuda Real-time system is quick to respond to early outbreaks and ensure that the Barracuda Essentials for Email Security continues to provide comprehensive and accurate protection against the latest Internet threats.

100% Cloud

Barracuda email security is a fully-cloud based service. It does not require any hardware or software installation and is licensed as an ongoing service. Email security essential is updated frequently with definitions in real time with updates from Barracuda Real Time System as part for the subscription. Barracuda’s global cloud infrastructure provides the flexibility to handle email surges during specific periods of the day and during Denial of Service attacks,and keep threats from reaching the network.

Simple Cloud-Based Management

Barracuda email security essentials  has a broad range of settings that can be customized to meet special requirements.Customers that use several Barracuda products (such as Office 365 users running Barracuda Essentials, which combines email security with data protection features)can manage all their Barracuda products from a single interface: the Barracuda Cloud Control (BCC).

This web-based management portal leverages Barracuda’s global cloud infrastructure to enable organizations to centrally manage all their Barracuda products through a “single pane of glass” interface. Administrators gain a global view of all their devices or services, as well as centrally manage policies and configuration. The simple interface makes it easy for organizations to implement and manage multiple services with minimal IT overhead.