EVault Cloud Backup

Say Good-bye to tapes and off-site tape storage.

EVault provides backup functionality for both physical and virtual environments. Primary backups of each machine can be made to an on-site backup appliance. Secondary backups are then automatically replicated to the EVault cloud. Since costing of the EVault Cloud Backup solution is calculated based on the total amount of data being backed up, an unlimited number of servers can be backed up.


An extra layer of protection with EVault cloud 

  • Direct-to-cloud or hybrid backup with on-site hardware, delivered as-a-service
  • Advanced technology shortens backup windows and reduces impact on bandwidth
  • Restore granular or full system data rapidly to dissimilar hardware if necessary
  • Simple management via web-based portal lets you log in from anywhere
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery available


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Accelerate Business Outcomes with local & offsite Cloud Backup & Restores

Backup appliances are available as an option for larger deployments. EVault provides a standard retention policy of 30 daily backups and 11 monthly backups, and custom retention policies are available to match the backup policies requirements of your company. To reduce the time taken for each backup, EVault DeltaPro technology ensures that only new and changed data blocks are backed up..

Scalable & Automatic Data Protection

EVault provides protection that meets the highest standards of security, with reliable recovery at ease whenever you need it. With scalable cloud storage capacity, your data growth never exceed your capacity.

 Hybrid Backup: Cloud & On-Site Protection

EVault’s straightforward web management portal allows IT administrators to maintain the backup infrastructure from wherever they are. Complex permissions hierarchies can be created to grant specific administrators privileges to machines which they are responsible for. From the web management portal, administrators can perform backups, schedule tasks, and view the backup history logs.

Direct to Cloud Backup Solutions

EVault offers direct to cloud backup solutions for customers with small number of servers or who don't have space for on-site hardare.Install the Evault software on the servers you wish to protect and thats' it!!  

Data transfer services

If sending large amounts of data over the network is too slow or costly, you can move data to the cloud with EVault Data Transfer Services.You'll receive a temporary backup appliance to accelerate the transfer of multiple terabytes from multiple servers. The appliance is shipped to and from your datacenter and it replicates your data to the target cloud.With Data Transfer Services, there’s no need to seed over the wire or extend bandwidth utilization, which can occur with very large transfers. During seeding, you can continue normal backup schedules to the appliance.

Supported environments: 

  • Windows Server
  • CentOS, RedHat, SuSE Linux
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • IBM iSeries, AIX
  • VMWare
  • Hyper-V

Supported applications (for application-aware backups): 

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Oracle DB