Barracuda Link Balancer is an affordable and powerful solution for routing and managing traffic across multiple internet connections. It is designed for to scale for high bandwidth requirements and provide business continuity for an organization, irrespective of its size and optimizes the use of multiple Internet links




Barracuda Link Balancer

Deployment Options: Physical Appliance 


 Cost-Effective Internet Performance and Availability

Barracuda Link balancer balances traffic across multiple ISP links to ensure Internet continuity and availability, even during ISP outages.By balancing both outbound and inbound traffic, link balancer give users with internet access whenever they need it.Application prioritization and granular quality-of-service (QoS) policies assure priority to business-critical application traffic – and the applications remain available even when links fail.It deploys quickly and transparently into existing networks without changes to configuration or topology.

 Reduces Downtime

Unplanned Internet outages are common, and will continue to occur as long as natural disasters, power outages, cable damage, router failure, and security threats exist. Barracuda Link Balancer has the ability to detect ISP failures and switches connections transparently from a failed link to an available link without affecting users or services. Hosted applications like CRM, order tracking, backup, or other services from cloud providers continue to be available when ISPs fail, leading to higher productivity across the organization.

 Protects the Business and Brand

With built-in inbound link balancing, the Barracuda Link Balancer keeps Internet services up and available. Employees who work from remote places benefit from continued access to email and VPN, while business-critical applications like customer and partner portals, VOIP, and other services are always available. Quality of Service (QoS) policies ensure that critical application traffic takes priority and prevents congestion.

 Increases Bandwidth Affordably

Mix and match fast T1 and MPLS lines with low-cost DSL and cable -- from one or more ISPs -- for increased bandwidth at lower costs. No link bonding or Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is needed. Barracuda link Balancer is affordable and comes with no per-port or per user fees. In addition, it reduces bandwidth costs and often pays for itself within one year.

 Provides Easy, Drop-in Deployment

Transparent deployment ensures seamless operation with existing legacy firewalls and gateways without any configuration changes. Simply plug the Barracuda Link Balancer into existing network infrastructure





Link Load Balancing

Barracuda Link Balancer distributes load brilliantly across diverse links including high-speed MPLS, T1, and T3 lines, as well as low-cost DSL and cable connections from multiple ISPs. It scales bandwidth and intelligently distributes traffic across links based on business policies, cost, and key performance metrics. Multiple link load balancing algorithms are available and connection persistence is maintained.

Link Failover and Failback

Link availability and performance is continuously monitored using multiple protocols and metrics like DNS, Ping, HTTP, and performance. At the time of a link failure or saturation is detected, Barracuda Link Balancer instantly reroutes traffic through the available links. It automatically fails back when the ISP restores service. During link fail over/fail back, the Barracuda Link Balancer maintains application traffic and VPN priorities.

Inbound Link Balancing Using DNS

Inbound link balancing distributes incoming traffic from Internet-facing services across multiple ISP links by using built-in Authoritative DNS services. It assigns link-specific IP addresses to each domain and then balances DNS queries to that domain across the available links. Failed links are removed from the DNS tables and are added back only when they have been restored.

Transparent Deployment

Under the preferred transparent mode of deployment, Barracuda Link Balancer plugs into an existing network to perform link load balancing transparently, without requiring any changes on network firewalls, routers, VPNs, or hosts.

Site-to-Site IPsec VPN

Barracuda Link Balancer comes with a built-in IPsec VPN gateway to secure site-to-site connectivity. In case of link fail over and fail back, VPNs fail over to available links and maintain traffic priorities to ensure up time for critical organizational services across the WAN. MPLS links can be set to fail over to IPsec VPN links.

Application Prioritization and Quality of Service (QoS)

Barracuda Link Balancer allow administrators to create policies that automatically prioritize traffic from Internet applications. Policies can be defined using traditional IP addresses and port numbers or by using application-layer signatures, such as VOIP, P2P, etc.

DHCP Server

Barracuda Link Balancer comes with a DHCP server to assign dynamic IP addresses to LAN clients. Along with traditional DHCP options, administrators can view active leases in real time. Multiple LAN subnets can be configured and served by the DHCP server.

High Availability

A pair of Barracuda Link Balancers can be configured in an active/standby cluster. Configuration is automatically synchronized across the units. If the active unit goes down for any reason, the standby unit assumes all the responsibilities of the master unit. Clustering is based on the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP).

Basic Firewall Functions

In firewall-enable mode, basic network firewall functions like 1:1 NAT, IP access lists, and port forwarding are supported. For next-generation firewall capabilities, consider the Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series.

Basic Firewall Functions

In firewall-enable mode, basic network firewall functions like 1:1 NAT, IP access lists, and port forwarding are supported. For next-generation firewall capabilities, consider the Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series.